Keep an Eye on Your Profile and Make Sure it is Linked Correctly!

Facebook makes and implements a lot of changes without your permission.  Make sure that every month or so you scan your Facebook profile to make sure your setting are right and to see if there are any new features you can use.

Connecting to Your Company Fan Page in your Profile

Recently Facebook made some changes to the layout of your wall an placed your information in a listing right below your name.  When they made the change, they added information based on what was in your profile.

Link Facebook Profile Info to Your Fan Page

For things like your employer, if they didn’t find an existing business page, they created a new page.  My friend Carole from Chow Now Pet Foods, LLC, provider of quality raw, organic pet food, pointed this out to me last week and asked about making it connect to her real Chow Now fan page instead of the fake one they created.

Connecting YOU to Your Fan Page

Here are the steps to connect you to your fan page.

  1. Go to your Profile Page by clicking the “Profile” link in the upper right of the Face book window.  Make sure you are signed in first.
  2. On the Profile Page, click the “Edit Profile” button in the upper right  of the window.
  3. In the left column is a list of categories for information that you can change.  Click the link for “Education and Work”Facebook Profile
  4. If you had an employer or place of business listed before the change, that will be listed with a link to the “fake” page as an employer or project.
  5. In the blank “Employer” box start typing in the name of your Fan Page.  Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t show up in the autofill, type it in just like it shows on your page and hit enter.
  6. It will find your page, show your profile picture and open a box for you to add information.  Fill in the information and click “Add Job”
  7. To remove the other listing, look to the right of the title and you will see an “edit” link and an “x”.  Click the “x” to delete and then acknowledge the confirmation.
  8. Go back to your profile and the information should now include a direct link to your fan page.

Although it’s a bit annoying opening Facebook and finding things different, most of the changes seem to be for the better.  If you haven’t checked your security settings in a while, you should do that now.  That’s probably where the most changes happened last year.